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    This blog contains poems written by me on different topics and with different essence everytime, along with photographs shot by me during various trips in India and UK containing macros, sceneries, urban and rural shots, I hope this blog will serve you with a range of variety and you will enjoy my work.

Few pics from Scotland

Posted by Priyanka Telang On 12:03 AM 1 comments

Just adding few pics from Scotland Kyle of lochlash and Lake district, England I had a trip to this beautiful scenic place this year.......I would like to share some photographs....hope you like them....

Lake district, Cruise Ride.....the finger is pointing to a castle on the land.....

Grasmere Lakes....blue and green colour dominate the Pic

The green effect.....Grasmere lake bird's eye view....

Stream at Cumbria....

Flora pass.....a beautiful gate way formed by trees.....


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  1. amazing photographs !!!
    very impressive..

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