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A Step towards Indian Renaissance

Posted by Priyanka Telang On 12:17 PM 3 comments

After a long silence and watching the dreadful game of politics constantly misusing Power against the common man, India is Awaken, we have a hope of Revolution which is a commencement of Indian Renaissance. This is the time to decide Now or Never.

Renaissance a term for rebirth evolved during European Revolution, a time when people started asking questions instead of believing what is told, an era of curiosity, awareness and  transformation; although a little different in Indian terms which is evolving dynamically in the field of science, economics and other aspects. INDIA a country which earned its freedom after years of slavery is now a Country possessing corrupt governance. Earlier it was fight of freedom from British Rule and now it is a fight of Freedom from Corrupt Rule. I am afraid to see the respect Indians have for India. Present Government System has corruption deployed in roots. Let us now at least be factual to our conscience.

We have known this problem since several decades, around us and nobody is left untouched from this traumatic experience. All of us might have put in their energies and whispered in close rooms, canteens, gatherings or small social events for few hours then forgotten until some new incident happens which affects someone around us. Major or Minor incidents/ Accidents occur but then they are just a day’s new on the News Paper. Nothing happens afterwards. A reaction of grief, subtle anger is exchanged. And then a final action of ignorance is definite by fooling ourselves telling 'It has always been like this, & can't help' also 'There is no law and order, everyone is corrupt'.  The fact is that we always look at the problem, emphasis it and add to it. What about the other half The SOLUTION? Have we ever approached  towards it? Might be because this sounds too complicated and unrealistic to FIX. Have we ever taken a resolution that  atleast 'I myself' will not let it happen or will not get involved in any act promoting corruption? Few of us might have but a large percentage of the mass is involved in promoting it some willingly few out of helplessness. 

There are always two ways to handle a problem , FIGHT or FLIGHT, we have always chosen the Later. Flight  to other countries with better prospects, flight to a peaceful white collar job, flight to find an easy way of living. Whenever we see the problem we just took off to a flight somewhere, we feel is safe for us. But not all of us could  be lucky in Flight due to any social, economic or personal reasons and they are exploited, ruined and destroyed in the arms of  power play.

Let's look at the first Part FIGHT, there is a story which all of us must have heard read during our childhood, depicting the power of a combined bundle of sticks which could not be wrecked, though the individual sticks could be easily broken. We might fail in our individual fights, but  we should not forget together we fought freedom & if then we would have ignored, we would have continued to be slaves in our own country and continued worshiping Suppression.

This is the time to stand UNITED against Corruption. This is the time to arise, when Anna Hazare a 75 year old man who could have ignored the problem, and could have rested like most of us is actually leading the path as a mentor a messiah to arouse, Unite and  Energize Indian Mass to come out and join the MISSION -  ' INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION'.  The roar, the energy and the power of his personality his words can be easily depicted by the faces of the corrupt politicians who start sweating, condemning and discrediting his actions; by the awareness spread in Indians and the cause being talked widespread be it a social site, media, or gathering.  Everyone is taking interest in discussing him, whether as follower or as critic. There is no second opinion that none could discourage the cause despite the fact that few are not convinced with the approach.

It took lot of efforts on my part to come out of my comfort zone and go to jantar- Mantar although I am amongst those who aspire to be a revolutionary. I could imagine the notion common man would have participating in this. But once me and my friend reached we found the aura simply patriotic, while these days it can only be felt during cricket matches. This was a truly astonishing site where countrymen have gathered from distant places just to be with Anna. You are bound to feel Indian if you have forgotten or neglected it, as you see many small groups roaring SLOGANS, singing patriotic songs or just waving the tricolor flag, the  Freedom fight is in the air.

While most of the people took me as a media person with a LARGE DSLR in hand, I took advantage and clicked few shots interviewed some policemen to know their  view , I could see the power the enigma in the air full of tricolor, I M ANNA caps, and patriotism. The volume  and diversity of the crowd gathered to support him be it educated youth, adults, old or children and above all Anna team facilitating & managing such huge mob day and night in terrible weather conditions deserves admiration  not admonition by its own country .

I sincerely request those who are watching television, discussing and criticizing the efforts declaring them useless or even those who gave distant support by just agreeing, please visit the site once where people who dream of a corruption free India have assembled . If not inspired, you are certainly going to admire the attempt of your fellowmen who have ignored the luxuries for the sake of REVOLUTION to bring change. I felt proud to be witnessing the place it was not less than a gathering for freedom struggle with Anna Leading.

 As I headed towards Rajiv Chowk holding high the National flag, during my return. I was stopped by an old  man Shouting 'O beti',  though this time I never had camera in my hand to be misinterpreted as a media person. He starting talking about our bravery, shouting at the top of his voice which also pulled some gathering, Beti! you are revolutionary youth and will certainly bring change, the fire in his eyes was no less than any young Indian blood boiling in anger with corruption. He praised motivated and supported us for being a part of it, and angrily condemned government for spending millions for KASAB treating him as VVIP for spreading terror and neglecting SARABJEET SINGH who is behind the bars from last 22 years the offense being ' SERVING THE COUNTRY'  joining army. Truly we are helpless we are watching this inhuman treatment faced by each and every Indian who is innocent, honest and patriotic. 

The new verdict is IDEALS ARE HISTORY AND TRUTH IS A MYSTERY which is hidden distorted and burnt in hands of the so called democratic rulers.

History has witnessed that there were always 100 Kauravs against 5 Pandavas, A whole Rakshas army against the only RAM. As we always learn from our past we can't ignore the fact that success has always been thorny for the righteous. But one has to stand tough and challenge the evil. As RAM built his army from scratch. We have to be a part of the Anna Army, all of us must join for a nation we our ancestors dreamt of.
The time is to break the boundaries of Luxury and comfort, the time is to repair or reset the system, the time is to think for the society not just individual goals. The time is to be a country rather than just distracted crowd. The time is to rebel against corruption. The time is for a 'Renaissance'....