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    This blog contains poems written by me on different topics and with different essence everytime, along with photographs shot by me during various trips in India and UK containing macros, sceneries, urban and rural shots, I hope this blog will serve you with a range of variety and you will enjoy my work.

Solitude.....a Poem by Sonal Bajpai

Posted by Priyanka Telang On 11:29 PM 3 comments

Days when I cried,
      Nobody around,
Perceived life
        Only an internal form
Changes made
        Didn’t last for long
Scribble I play
        Be it any wall

Every time, story the same
        Moments of rising, moments of fall 
Lost in the fantasies
        Should I escape or should I crawl

Amount of love
        I cannot count
Still I wonder
        Where is that freedom unbound

No matter, the feelings are
        Dreams attached to every star
Mornings are faded hue
        Crystal looks with betrayal clue

Surprising the strength
        In troubles
Is this fear surrounding me
        or pretention of a concrete bubbles

Struggle inside me, nothing but a maze
        Endless walk, hating every gaze
Closing my eyes
        Wish to see a blue sky, open sea but not in phase.     

The person in this pic is the writer of this Poem :) 

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3 Response for the "Solitude.....a Poem by Sonal Bajpai"

  1. hummmmmmmmmm its awsome yaar.....words are looking so real !! best of luck to sonal

    keep doing writting ....Jai Ho Mangalmay HO

  2. Addy says:

    again..............awesome photograph and after effects! :)


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