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Moon- Guest Post by Sonal Bajpai

Posted by Priyanka Telang On 9:39 PM 1 comments

Oh Moon…..your moonlit shines
Let go this sleep as I am loosing that’s mine…..

I stare you with tears lay up in my throat
As it being long our stillness broke

Nights without you was a lifeless soul
It’s only your presence that makes my shadow glow….

My longing for you doesn’t sleep in nights…
But looks for my shadow which breathes when you are bright

The hour of darkness you are not around I close my eyes to see you in dream
Then realize how I can miss your seconds gleam

Silence makes me jealous with its snobbish style
Saying its beauty glowing and moon the only reason behind

So many summers and winters gone.....
I loved you but couldn’t read my eyes when you were around….

I see my beauty increases as you rise…
I see my shadow meet your shine with no disguise ….

Oh Moon….My shadow wants to break the silence…
Please Understand…. my shadow can’t talk but only feel the essence….

This poem is written by my friend Sonal Bajpai... and I have the pleasure to post it on my blog :)
Thanks Sonal

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  1. Sonal says:

    Thanks for posting this gal :)hey...just a review...my 'Oh' moved next to the MOON ..towards the left...

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