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Some Simple steps from Sorrow :( to Smile :)

Posted by Priyanka Telang On 11:16 PM 5 comments

I am known to be one of a kind amongst my friends; never serious and nor sad specie, and sometimes to keep up with my reputation I have to hide my expressions if I am upset, since it does not go with my well known cheerful personality…..

 No one in this world has ever been certified as a purely happy Character even the well known comedians and happy looking people have Problems and sad moments in life which are mostly not
  Revealed to the world, so we can’t deny this fact that sorrows are part of life as much as Happiness and thus are inevitable.

Rather than unnecessary lengthening this conversation I am keeping this note.. short , As I am assuming that  you must have understood what I am talking about and if it is still not clear than let me  say in one line ….how to take an exit from unhappy times some of the simple fundas that I always follow and I am sure  will definitely work for you are…

REMEMBER AND RECALL HAPPY MOMENTS - take a break from outside clutter, sit in a room alone and remember good times of childhood, school days, picnics, college days, some interesting nite outs you had with your group….some rules that you broke in teenage times …some interesting group activities, the teasing times of college when you pulled someone’s leg or somebody pulled yours… I can bet a smile will appear automatically without any effort and you will be in a different world altogether….  and please don’t give me the excuse that  you never ever had any good times because it is as impossible as not having bad times at all.

 LOOK AT SOME OLD PHOTOGRAPHS – My  friends and family are sometimes too much irritated by my habit of carrying my camera with me even in shortest and weirdest of place when there is no opportunity for taking shots and I get to hear a lot of yelling for this, but I seriously love this habit of mine…because when I am sad I just sit with my laptop and browse old interesting photographs… somebody slipping, somebody in weird clothes , people sleeping …yawning…scratching…eating …mocking  haa haaa ha haa haa haa what a good teasing and leg pulling stuffs they are and people run behind you pleading or shouting to  delete them and then you can blackmail them for a chocolate or a treat  

The other thing supporting this habits is technology hats off to the Mobile invention since mostly all the mobiles have a Camera so you don’t need to become a compulsory photographer  or a weirdo like me always carrying a heavy SLR….. ;-))

TALK TO AN OLD FORGOTTEN FRIEND -  most of the time we are too much busy in our personal life that we don’t even remember  our old friends I will recommend that even if you don’t talk to them often or don’t feel that they are required any more even then always keep their contact nos or Emai ids believe me talking to old friends

….planning a reunion or get together with some good friends always works…it acts as a mental therapy that every problem looks secondary and you can always share them if you trust them worries always decrease when shared. Trust me they may help you solve your problems and if not they can always motivate you o fight the times and motivation is a very effective medicine for sad times.

WATCH COMEDY FILMS OR MOTIVATIONAL SONGS – This is a real good idea.. if not the best to help you forget your worries for sometime… watch some good movies from your favourite comedy actor  or listen to some motivational songs ….like Lakshya.. Aashayen , yeh honslaa….these are some patent songs
I always listen to..or other things are some interesting videos can be found on you tubes….that can make you roll in laughter all you need is to search them…..I have one other advantage of Camera…that are videos …I am mostly found taking videos of our Group reunions or any interesting parties I attend…. however some people think that I am not enjoying since I am busy in making videos …but truth is that I relive those moments every time I watch them……I am found laughing all alone and my family find it strange but seriously it’s a good time pass and way to forget any bad things happening around for some time…….

There are many other ideas depending on your hobbies and interests….but I don’t think that they will be required as I am sure above fundas would certainly work…..

And if by any chance they fail please feel free to contact me but only after seriously giving efforts to above Mentioned formulas …I may help you……don’t let your depression overcome your optimism
It can be hazardous to a great limit.

Live Happy Be happy

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5 Response for the "Some Simple steps from Sorrow :( to Smile :)"

  1. VisH says:

    let we start with live happy be happy....nice yaar u hv nice memory with ur FFR Friends, family n relatives .
    nice photo with nice text keep it up keep going....

    Jai Ho mangalmay ho

  2. Priyanka says:

    Thanks Vish....

  3. dont worry be happy!!

    though m a person who doesnt spend much time in the memories but some useful suggestions to all the readers!!! bfully written and really nice pics!!

  4. Deepz says:


  5. A very good read indeed !!! :) Even I have the habit of taking videos on get togethers and parties.. know what, I even have a video of you and Priyanka Sapru singing and dancing... you remember the Masala Dosa party that we had at our place (60 spring field road)... have the photos and videos with me :) but missed to take videos when we had dinner at your place !! :( but still in my memory... you guys made me dance.. :) Thank you for the good times with you though we met a very few times !! :)

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